The media tart experience


Whenever I have a camera pointed at me, I am aware of all the times I used to watch ex-cons on the telly. Often it was painfully frustrating – “tell them about X!” – More...

E-cigarettes: health revolution or fresh pack of trouble?

John Butler

John Butler explains the trials and tribulations of changing his smoking habits I have tried several times to stop smoking and I’ve failed every time. I realise that patches, More...

From over the wall

From over the wall

F or the past few weeks I have been occupied with many things including preparing for the launch of a new book in April. This is the fourth book of mine to be published and let More...

It might be that those involved in prisons want more of the same; but I doubt it. Given that prisoners are unlikely to get the vote anytime soon; budget cuts are here to stay at least into the medium-term; and there will continue to be a comparatively large prison population in this country - the challenge is how to achieve and deliver more and better outcomes. And if you feel that politicians have yet to come up with the best ideas, then choosing to stand aside is unlikely to steer them in the right direction. If that’s how you think, then they haven’t managed to find their own way to the correct answer. Politicians and journalists view elections as contests: would-be titans scrapping it out for control of the levers of power. As the contest becomes more of a joust, the arguments often get lost beneath the rhetoric, the spin, and the characterisation of various opponents. Perhaps from the detached perspective of prison, it is time to look at the election more as an opportunity for good ideas to flourish? How to make that happen is the real unanswered question.

If there are no votes in prisons, why does the general election matter?

There aren’t any votes in prisons. The phrase is well worn and a conclusion speedily reached by election strategists and candidates plotting the path to power. It’s probably More...

Quote of the Month

This child abuse inquiry is pointless Dominic Lawson – The Sunday Times Six months on, debate still rages about who would chair the Government’s landmark inquiry into More...

Mental healthcare in prison

Mental healthcare in prison

Know what you’re entitled to and who to contact for help when it’s not given After our article in August’s issue of More...

Fear, brutality and secrecy

Fear, brutality and secrecy

Sarah Baker looks back at the decades of state sanctioned abuse prisoners have suffered and asks has anything really More...

Unlock’s office move

Since January 2014, we’ve been based at Maidstone Community Support Centre. For the last...

Prison healthcare

Having seen so many letters over the past twelve months in Inside Time regarding...

‘I passed a polygraph’

In reply to Mr L Philips (‘Polygraph has proved my innocence!’ – January issue),...

Cameron’s ‘sick’ scale

I believe I may have to pass the hat round to raise funds to...

Makes no sense at all

After being convicted I have been made up to Standard Category A. This in...

‘Opened in error’

My son was due a legal visit from his Barrister and put in a...

Banks on Sentence

Robert Banks, a barrister, writes Banks on Sentence. It is the second-largest selling criminal practitioner’s text book and is used by judges for sentencing more than any other. The book is classified by the Ministry of Justice as a core judicial text book. The book is available for tablets and computers and costs £80 + VAT. The print copy costs £102 on the web and there are regular updates on www. If you have access to a computer, you can follow Robert on Twitter: @BanksonSentence and you can receive his weekly sentencing Alerter.  More...

House of Lords: Secure colleges

Lord Ramsbotham (CB): I have a confession to make about the whole secure college proposal. For the first time in my life, I feel ashamed to be British because I am so appalled that anyone should have dreamt it up, let alone tried to blandish Parliament with spurious claims that an entirely untested and unevaluated proposal involving increased education will reduce children’s offending. All the available evidence, not least that the smaller the establishment the better when More...

Parliamentary Questions

Highlights from the House of Commons Prison Accommodation Sadiq Khan: To ask the Secretary of State for Justice, what new additional..

The Final Countdown!

The Final Countdown!

English PEN is delighted to announce the 2014 winners, runners – up and highly commended of the prison More...

Whippet puppy

At the end of last year my eldest son’s family acquired a beautiful Whippet puppy. Since their last pets were a..

Month by Month

Rachel enjoys Charles Salvador’s (previously Bronson) mix of comedy and horror, before contemplating the joys of owning a pet in prison,..

When I came to prison

new-arrivals-best-chicago-gym-equipment “When I came to prison it felt as if I had lost everything. After a period of undiagnosed depression, self medicated..

Valentines Messages

Valentine’s Messages For my sexy hubby, Simeon, happy Valentine’s day my baby. A love like ours gets even stronger with these days we..

Murder by more than one

This is an especially difficult area of law. We cannot hope to cover each and every permutation that arises in the..

Merry Christmas

To my A9032AG, Happy Christmas, I love you today, tomorrow and forever! Yours always A9306AK Joshua Newcombe, I love you soo..

A risky business

Recent contributions in Inside Time have discussed the issue of risk assessments, with Mike Taylor’s article in the June issue explaining..